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Category :     03 March,2016


              In the past NIPS has actively participated in preparing the population projection at national and provincial level. Recently, NIPS initiated the up-dation of population projections for national, provincial/regional and district levels. The projections will be prepared in continuation of the population projections for the national and provincial estimates as done by the Planning Commission during 2009 for the preparation of 10th Five Year plan (2010-2015).
              As the last population census was conducted in 1998, there is continuous need for up to date population information for planning and reporting purposes. Since the last projection (2009), new data has been generated in the form of surveys, like PDHS 2012-13. There is need for fresh/revised population estimates/projection which will go up to district level.              
Therefore, NIPS has constituted a Working Group of experts belonging to Government departments and other concerned organizations for undertaking this exercise (List of Members at Annex-1).              
Presently NIPS is preparing the first draft of projections on the basis of latest data relating to fertility (PDHS 2012-13). The draft of projection will reviewed by the Working Group and share with the Planning Commission and other departments.    



Name of Members Working Group Designation Organization
(i)              Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad Convener / Executive Director National Institute of Population Studies, Islamabad
(ii)             Dr. Zeba Sathar Country Director Population Council, Islamabad
(iii)           Dr. G.M Arif Joint Director Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), Islamabad
(iv)           Mr. Habib Ullah Khan Member (Census & Survey) Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Islamabad
(v)            Mr. Sajjad Akhtar Member (Economic & Statistics) Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Islamabad
(vi)           Mr. Qamar Abbass Chief, Population and Social Sector Planning Planning Commission, Planning, Development and Reform Division, Islamabad
(vii)         Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Khan Director General Population Programme Wing M/o National Health Services Regulations & Coordination
(viii)        Mr. Muhammad Aslam Ch Former Census Commissioner Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Islamabad
(ix)           Syed Mazhar Hussain Hashmi Former DDG Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Islamabad
(x)            Dr. Arshad Mahmood Deputy Chief of Party John Snow Inc, Islamabad
(xi)           Mr. Sajid Rasul Director General Bureau of Statistics Punjab, Lahore
(xii)         Mr. Ali Dino Gahoti Director General Sindh Bureau of Statistics, Karachi.
(xiii)        Mr. Tariq Mahmood Director Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Bureau of Statistics, Peshawar,
(xiv)       Mr. Arif Hussain Shah Chief of Section Balochistan Bureau of Statistics, Planning and Development Department, Quetta
(xv)         Mr. Maqsood Sadiq Programmer Population Council, Islamabad


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