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NIPS Training Workshops

Category :     07 August,2015

To carry out substantive and methodological research in the area of population dynamics, impact of change in population parameters, the demographic impact of development planning and the relationship between population and development, NIPS has conducted 2 training workshops titled (i) PDHS (2012-13) In-depth Analysis Capacity Building Workshop and (ii) Research Methodologies for Social Science. The purpose of the workshops was to build research capacity among the NIPS Researchers and other professionals including students from the different universities of Islamabad. The topics covered in the workshops field of demography, statistics, computer skills, data analysis, research methodologies / methods including operational research, monitoring and evaluation research were covered. The detail of the both trainings is as under:-



PDHS (2012-13) In-depth Analysis Capacity Building Workshop:  The workshop was held from 3-6 August 2015 in Islamabad. The purpose of workshop was to enhance the skill of NIPS Researchers and IT staff for undertaking in-depth analysis steps and procedure. The topics were covered as:- 

i.    Understanding the PDHS (2012-13) questionnaires
ii.   Steps for making proposal of in-depth research paper
iii.  Utilization of PDHS data, introduction of SPSS (Statistical Package for
      Social Science) including applications of SPSS software to be
      used in research
iv.  Different statistical / analytical techniques for data analysis
v.   Manuscript writing (drafts of in-depth papers proposed
      by the Researchers)


2.   Training Workshop on Research Methodologies for Social Science:  The training carried-out for the two-week duration (23rd November to 4th December, 2015) at Islamabad as a part of NIPS-UNFPA ‘Annual Work Plan (AWP) 2015’.  Total 22 Researchers and universities students attended the training. The contents of workshop were:-

i.    Theories, concepts and ethics of Social Science Research
ii.   Research Methods (Qualitative and Quantitative)
iii.  Conducting the Population Census of Pakistan
iv.  Sampling Techniques
v.   Quality of vital registration information/ data
vi.  Overview of survey design
vii.  Data collection process
viii. Key findings of PDHS,
ix.  Data analysis techniques
x.   Presentation skill development through PowerPoint




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