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5 Days Training Workshop on

Category :     27 May,2016

Introduction: - 

NIPS has successfully competed "5 Days Training Workshop on POPULATION PROJECTIONS, May 23-27, 2016" held at NIPS, in colleboration with the Population Council.   

Complete Report of Population Projection Training

List of Participtants: -


1.                Mr. Naseer Ahmad, Chief Statistical Officer, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Islamabad. Cell: 0300-9462425 Email: mr.naseer@gmail.com
2.                Mr. Muhammad Riaz, Assistant Census Commissioner, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Islamabad. Cell: 0334-5006042 Email: pbscoord@gmail.com
3.                Ms. Kaneez Amna, Statistical Officer, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Islamabad. Cell: 0332-5246701 Email: amnafarrukh001@gmail.com
4.                Mr. Abdul Waheed, Director (P&S), PPW, M/o NHSR&C, Islamabad. Tel: 9216284 Email: dir_fat@yahoo.com
5.                Mr. Amjad Ahsan, DPWO, Population Welfare Department, Rawalpindi, Tel: 051-9258791, Cell: 0300-5589102 Email: amjad.demographer@gmail.com
6.                Mr. Isaac Shahzad, Statistical Officer, Punjab Bureau of Statistics, Lahore. Cell: 0301-4422607 Email: isaacshahzad@live.com
7.                Mr. Tauqir Shahzad, District Demographer, Population Welfare Department, Jhelum. Cell: 0345-6765434, Email: malik119ly@gmail.com
8.                Mr. Ashfaq Ali Shah, Additional Secretary (ME&P), Population Welfare Department Sindh, Karachi. Tel: 021-34542342, Cell: 0345-2552751 Email: ashfaqpwds@yahoo.com
9.                Mr. Yasir Shaikh, Demographer, Population Welfare Department Sindh. Karachi. Cell: 0300-9209952 Email: yasirshaikhpwds@yahoo.com
10.            Mr. Shah Nawaz Jiskani, Additional Director, Sindh Bureau of  Statistics, Karachi. Tel: 021-99251252, Cell: 0301-3402477 Email: snjiskani@gmail.com
11.            Mr. Muneer Hussain Qureshi, Programmer/Data Manager, Sindh Bureau of  Statistics Karachi. Tel: 021-99251252, Email: muneerqureshi@gmail.com  
12.            Mr. Hussain Ahmad, Dy. Demographer, Population Welfare Department, Mardan, Cell: 0346-9302696 Email: h_pwdso@yahoo.com
13.            Mr. Abdullah, Jr. Statistical Computer, KP Bureau of Statistics, Peshawar. Cell: 0333-9127348 Email: abdullahjr@gmail.com
14.            Mr. Multan Khan, Stenographer, KP Bureau of Statistics, Peshawar. Cell: 0344-9833158 Email: multankhanbos71@gmail.com
NIPS Participants
15.            Ms. Azra Aziz, Director (R&S), NIPS, Islamabad. Email: azra_aziz@yahoo.com
16.            Dr. Aysha Sheraz, Senior Fellow, NIPS, Islamabad. Email: aysha_shiraz@hotmail.com
17.            Ms. Rabia Zafar, Associate Fellow, NIPS, Islamabad. Email: syedarabia@hotmail.com
18.            Ms. Shifa Fatimah, Research Associate, NIPS, Islamabad. Email: shifa.fatima@gmail.com
19.            Ms. Sadaf Zafar, Research Associate, NIPS, Islamabad. Email: sadafmalik18@yahoo.com
20.            Ms. Maryam Ahmed Research Associate, NIPS, Islamabad. Email: maryamahmed1992@gmail.com
21.            Ms. Sehrish Khan, Research Associate, NIPS, Islamabad. Cell: 0334-5754088 Email: sahr_khan86@yahoo.com
22.            Ms. Maheen Khan, Internee, NIPS, Islamabad. Cell: 0340-5340664, Email: maheenkhan.mahu@gmail.com
Resource Persons
23.            Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad, Executive Director, NIPS, Islamabad.
24.            Dr. Ali Muhammad Mir, Director, Population Council, Islamabad. Email:
25.            Ms. Seemin Ashfaq, Director (Communications), Population Council, Islamabad. Email: sashfaq@popcouncil.org
26.            Mr. Khan Muhammad, Program Manager, Population Council, Islamabad. Email: kmohammad@popcouncil.org
27.            Mr. Maqsood Sadiq, Sr. Program Officer, Population Council, Islamabad. Email: msadiq@popcouncil.org
28.            Dr. Arshad Mahmood, Director, JSI-USAID, Islamabad
29.            Mr. Zafar Zahir Associate Fellow, NIPS, Islamabad. Cell: 0336-5033312 Email: rhizafar@gmail.com
30.            Mr. Zia ul Islam, System Analyst, NIPS, Islamabad. Cell: 0333-5265266, Email: hyrziaulislam@gmail.com

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